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I have a stretched Perle von Nurnberg. I’ve read your article on what to do now, but..

1) The article states to leave 1-2 inches of the stem with a few leaves however, at that length, there are no leaves. Should I cut the stem higher?
2) How much sun should Miss Patty Mayo be receiving? 🙂


I love that your succulent has a name! Like other Echeverias, ‘Perle von Nurnberg‘ needs full sun. Since yours has stretched, it’s not getting enough light. You’ll either want to change the location it’s at (if it’s outdoors), or consider getting a grow light.  If you’ve can place it in a south-facing window, that would be ideal.

For the base plant (left over after you make the cut), you can leave more stem if you have room, but it should also put off new growth even without leaves. I’ve just found that new growth happens more quickly when the base still has leaves because it can absorb more sunlight on a daily basis.

So, after you’ve beheaded your plant, you’ll have a cutting with the rosette and an inch or so of bare stem at the bottom. Plus, you’ll have the original “base” plant with a few inches of stem still, ideally with a few leaves, but bare is fine too.

Good luck with Miss Patty Mayo!

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