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Succulents and Sunshine has provided my plants with so much great care. Many thanks for your dedication. Bbbbuuuuttttt….now my plants have grown too big for their pots! Do you still suggest the coconut coir and diatomaceous earth for repotting succulents, or do you suggest a purchased soil? And where do you suggest purchasing the soil?

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I’m so glad that you like the information on the blog and that your succulents are getting bigger! Soil is something that I cover in great detail in my Successfully Growing Succulents course. There are a lot of options when it comes to succulent soil, but here’s a few of my favorites!

Bonsai Jack soil is a go-to for me. It’s gritty, and the particle size is perfect for drainage.

You can also make your own! Just follow the directions in this post.

  • 1 Part Pine Bark Fines
  • 1 Part Turface (an absorptive rock)
  • 1 Part Crushed Granite

The coconut coir mixed with large particle diatomaceous earth is also a good option and can be easier to find in a lot of countries throughout the world. Just make sure you are using 1/4″  diatomaceous earth — not the fine powder — and you should be good to go!

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