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I’ve never had succulents before and have a “brown” thumb. Never had any real success with plants. I saw some succulents at Home Depot that I would like to buy. Do I need to replant them or can I keep them in the original soil?


Soil is very important for your succulent’s health. The soil that they are planted in at nurseries is not generally well-draining, so repotting after you purchase them is key to keeping them happy. You’ll want to either purchase a mix, or make your own.

An easy recipe for making your own mix can be found in my post about well draining soil. It’s also something I cover in great detail in my Successfully Growing Succulents Course.  The recipe originally came from a post by Al on a Garden Web forum.

  • 1 Part Pine Bark Fines
  • 1 Part Turface (an absorptive rock)
  • 1 Part Crushed Granite

That’s it! I suggest getting a mini garden tool kit to help you plant. It makes the job easier and less messy.

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