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I took leaves off the flowering stem of my Topsy Turvy. I placed soil on a tray and spritzed it and then placed the leaves on top of the soil. I spritzed leaves and soil again, and placed tray in a sunny southwest window. I’m hoping to get baby plants, but am wondering how often should I water the leaves, and when to plant the babies? Thank you!


The Echeveria runyonii ‘Topsy Turvy’ is such a fun plant! It is one that can propagate from leaves, though it can be quite particular.

That said, usually the leaves from a flower stalk don’t produce new babies. Only the leaves from the main plant stem will do that. Interestingly, sometimes the flower stalk leaves will bloom if treated like a leaf for propagation. Not always, but it can happen!

If you’re wanting to propagate this plant, my recommendation would be to cut off the head. Scary, I know! But it forces new offshoots from the main stem and they grow quickly.

Other than that, I’d recommend removing leaves from the base of the plant (rather than the bloom stalk) and propagating those. You can see how to do this here and here.

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