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Can I plant succulents in California this November where temperature is a little cold?


Having succulents throughout the winter can add a lot of color and charm to your home! However, planting them outdoors when it’s cold isn’t the best idea. If temperatures get to be below 40 degrees (and especially if you happen to get a frost), your newly planted succulents aren’t likely to survive.

If you’re in the US, you can use this map to determine which zone you are in. (For International readers, check out this great post by Edible Landscape Designs to find your zone) If it’s below 50 degrees, I would suggest waiting until spring to plant.

There are great cold hardy succulent options, but I wouldn’t recommend planting outside this late in the year. Next year, I’d recommend using Stonecrop Sedums such as Sedum reflexum, Sedum spurium, etc. or some Sempervivum varieties.

Note to readers in the US: You can purchase a cold hardy succulents from Mountain Crest Gardens by clicking here.

Planting succulents indoors and then transplanting them outside in the spring is a great option. Just be sure to plant with well-draining soil, and learn if your succulent is dormant or growing during this time.

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