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Hello! I have a slightly odd issue with two of my succulents. I recently adopted two kittens and at first they completely left my succulents alone. Then one day I caught them both playing in my succulent container, and they ripped A LOT of the leaves off my poor succulents 🙁

Since then, the succulents have grown back, but they have blossomed brand new plants on the old one’s stems. How do I ensure that these new blossoms don’t die? Should I leave them be or propagate? Thank you!

Kittens attacking succulent - 1
Kittens attacking succulent - 2
Kittens attacking succulent - 3


It’s sad that you lost some plants to your kittens, but it’s great that they’ve begun to grow back!  It sounds like you’re past this point, but if you saved any leaves that were lost from your cats’ escapades, you can definitely propagate them!

As far as the plants that are left and have new growth, I recommend letting them be for now. Since they’ve undergone some stress, let them continue to grow off the stem of the main plant for a while.

In a few months you can remove those beautiful new rosettes, but for now they’ll do best as they are. Just keep caring for the succulents as you have been and you may even see some new rosettes begin to from.

And, some quick tips for cats and succulents…

Most succulents are not poisonous, but it’s best to ensure your pets don’t ingest them. You can keep your kittens away from your succulents a couple of different ways.

Try moving your succulents to a place your pets can’t reach. This could mean putting them in a hanging plant near the same window, or arranging them in something different that’s difficult for them to get into, like this vertical wall hanger from Dalla Vita!

Most animals are deterred by the taste of cayenne pepper. You can dilute some in a spray bottle and spray this on your succulent’s leaves. If your kittens try to eat them again, the taste should be enough to prevent them from doing that again, without harming them or your plants.

Best of luck!

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