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I’m having a difficult time determining what kind of succulent plant I have. Do you know any websites that could me out? Thank you!


It can be so frustrating when you’re trying to provide the best care for your succulent, and you’re not sure what you have! There are also a few websites that I recommend when trying to identify your succulent, but something else that may help you is to post in one of these Facebook Groups:

Succulents and Sunshine Community

Succulent Fanatics

Succulent Infatuation

Succulent Addicts United

It’s best to have a good picture of your plant – describing is helpful, but as there are so many varieties of succulent, providing a picture is the fastest and easiest way to get a name for your succulent. Follow the directions in this post to get the best picture of your plant.

Once you know what genus of succulent you have, this website can provide more information. Doing a simple Google search can also give you plenty of care information on that particular species.

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