I am very new to succulents, and I am so chicken about it that I bought a succulent arrangement instead of creating my own. I have a bunch of questions about it. I have had it for about two months, and I believe I've watered it about once a week or a little bit less than once a week. It is hard to water, because the plants are packed so tight that I can't find a place to put a spout anywhere near the soil.

Should the plants be packed up tight? Or is that bad for them?

The string of pearls plant seems to be falling off at the edges of the planter. Is that normal, or is that bad? The hens and chicks plant seem to be getting pinkish near the base of the leaves, which they did not when I first got the plant. Is that normal, or is that bad?

The plant is an indoor plant now, and it does not get much sun, because we don't have any windows that get a lot of sun. Can it survive indoors without too much sun, or should I consider putting it out on our deck? It will be getting fairly cool in the winter, our average low is about 40° F.

I greatly appreciate any help you can give me and I really look forward to reading your blog and joining the Facebook group!


Great question! It can be a bit intimidating when you are just starting out with succulent arrangements!

Having tightly packed succulents is not a problem unless they're crowding each other for light. I'd suggest using a watering can that has a long, narrow spout to reach down to the soil. If you can't find one that is slim enough, gently water using the spray nozzle of a hose or kitchen faucet.

The plant you referred to as String of Pearls is actually a type of Sedum. I believe it's a variety of Sedum album. It's a type of ground cover so it will spread and look like a trailing plant, which means that its stem will grow long and trail down or flow over the edge of a container instead of growing straight up.

Sempervivums can be so much fun! They change colors as the seasons change, usually showing their most vibrant colors in late winter to early spring. Yours is experiencing a normal color change.

The hens and chicks as well as the Sedum are cold hardy, so they will be just fine outdoors. They would benefit from being outside with more sun.

If you'd rather keep it inside, I would suggest getting a grow light. It can offer your plants the much needed light they need throughout the winter months, and at a relatively low cost.

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