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I had recently found a succulent at my house. It looks like a fasciata. It was also in a very small pot, and I know that the succulent has been over-watered, even though it does not show the signs in your blog posts. I moved my plant into a larger pot and gave it a long period of drought. I was also thinking that the plant may be dormant, but in my area, it is not a fasciata’s dormant period yet. Please help! What is wrong with my succulent?

Aloe - 2


This is an Aloe ‘Crosby’s Prolific’, and it looks happily stressed to me!

The lower leaves look like normal dried out growth and removing them when you repotted was the perfect way to go. The healthy leaves are blushing red from the roots being dry and getting plenty of sunlight.

A little more frequent water and a temperate climate will cause it to turn a deeper green. But I’d say it’s healthy right now.  Even if it was over watered, it currently seems to be very happy!

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