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Can I put a full-spectrum daylight bulb on my succulents during the winter and:

1) Still keep them outside at night?

2) Continue to keep them outside during spring and summer?


Your plants will love a grow light! Full-spectrum bulbs are perfect for succulents, especially when the days are shorter.

If you have cold-hardy succulents, like Sempervivums or Sedums, they will be fine outdoors in the cold weather, as well as the spring and summer. A grow light can give them extra light, and won’t harm them.

However, if your succulents are not cold-hardy, and if you do not live in a temperate environment (with few or no frosts in winter), it’s important to bring them inside. In the Northern Hemisphere, as winter is settling in and the days are shorter, your succulents need more light, and a grow light will be helpful to these plants.

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