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Hi! I’m new to Lithops and love them. Getting conflicting advice on care. I had them under plant lights, but heard they like indirect light. Watering too has me confused; I know not to water while splitting and was advised to separate them.


I have decided to grow Lithops but do not  know that much about them. Can you give me some guidelines on watering? Since they come from South Africa are their seasons turned around from ours in the Northern Hemisphere? Any books you could recommend would be appreciated.


Living Stones are a fascinating addition to any succulent collection! They love light, so they will thrive under grow lights or in a southern-facing window.

Lithops like less water than most succulents, and even less water in their dormant season (fall to spring). Too much water can cause the roots to rot, or the leaves to burst. Most people recommend only watering once you notice the plant is starting to shrivel or go slightly limp.

These succulents can be quite tricky to keep alive. They're one of the most challenging succulents. Err on the side of too little water until you get a feel for what it needs.

Living Rocks have a growing season and a dormant season, just like other succulents. They are dormant in the winter, and require much less water.

I haven’t personally read this book, but it might offer up some great information. This website can also give you some good tips.

These plants aren’t fast growers, but can be a beautiful addition to any collection!

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