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I live in Phoenix, Arizona. My new succulents are in pots outside in the sun. They dry out every day. Is it okay to water them every day? Should I put them in the shade or just morning sun? I really don’t know how much water they need and the pots are kind of deep. Thanks!


Your Hens and Chicks look happy! As long as they continue to look good, I would say you are fine to continue with the watering schedule. However, as things begin to cool down (even the lovely 70 degree weather that’s ahead) you’ll find they don’t need water as often. Keep an eye out for early symptoms of too much water (click here for more details)

Watering when the soil is completely dry is best for your succulents. I suggest soaking the soil until water drips out of the bottom, and wait until the soil has dried completely through, top to bottom.

Even though the soil on top may seem dry, it’s possible that the bottom of the soil hasn’t dried completely. If you don’t let the soil dry out completely, your succulents can suffer from root rot.

One way to tell when your soil has dried out is by feeling the weight of the pot immediately after watering. Then feel it a day or two later, and notice the difference in weight between when your soil was first watered and then after you think it’s completely dry. You may be wise to wait an extra day, just to be sure the roots have dried.

Watering and determining if your succulent is healthy is something I cover in-depth in my Successfully Growing Succulents course!

Sempervivum ‘Hens and Chicks’ like full sun when it’s cool and partial shade in hotter temperatures. I would recommend putting them somewhere that gets sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon.

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