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I grow my succulents indoors all year as I don’t get enough sun anywhere in my unit to prevent stretching.¬† I am wondering if it is possible to get succulents to “blush” under grow lights? I have some under broad spectrum LED white lights and some under T5 fluorescent¬†lights. Thanks in advance!


What a great question! “In the wild,” blushing is caused by succulents getting the right amount of sun, but there are other ways to stress them as well. Click here to read my post all about it.

While you can use a variety of methods to stress succulents even indoors, it’s helpful to have lights that will contribute to the color change. While full spectrum daylight balanced grow lights will keep succulents from stretching, they don’t provide as much of the red light spectrum that causes most plants to flower.

This light spectrum also helps succulents to show their non-green colors. I’d recommend adding an LED with the red spectrum. I had two of these grow lights when I used my grow tent and they worked extremely well. I had colors that maintained very vibrant colors throughout the winter.

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