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Hi Cassidy!  I can grow veggies outdoors, but anything indoors?…   I’m just not that good 🙂  My future daughter-in-law would like me to grow and decorate for her wedding using succulents.   I have purchased 100 little succulents to grow under T5 lights to use as favors.   Already I have burned several bulbs, some plants have air roots, and others are dried up.  I am giving them each a huge drink every 1 to 2 weeks.   Ugh!  I’m TERRIBLE at this!  Can you help me in any way?


What an awesome project you’re undertaking! And ambitious 🙂

It’s not typical for CFLs to burn out so quickly; they are built to last longer than incandescent bulbs. It sounds like there may be an issue with the light fixture you’re using. I would suggest getting a reflector fixture and seeing if that helps. If you need to cover a wider area or want to try using LEDs instead, I love this grow light!

As for the succulents with aerial roots, this is a sign they need more water. When succulents aren’t getting enough water, they put out aerial roots to try to absorb more water from the air around it.

I always shy away from saying “water every 2 weeks” because there are so many factors that determine how often succulents need to go between waterings. That is actually something I cover quite in-depth in my course and give several scenarios and things to look for.

Since you are seeing aerial roots I’d start watering more frequently. Increase gradually (you don’t want to cause rot all the sudden), but try something like every week then every 5 days then every 4 days, and see how that goes. Be sure that you’re using well-draining soil, and giving them a good soak, and they should continue to grow and be healthy.

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