What does it mean when the bottom of your succulents are drying up and losing leaves? Does that mean they need to be re-potted in a larger pot? This seems to be my issue with a variety of types! Thanks!

Succulent with dying leaves at bottom of stemPin


Dying leaves are a part of your succulent's life, and aren't always a sign you're doing something wrong.  If you see dry leaves at the bottom (and only the bottom) of your plant, don't worry–this is normal!

Your succulent creates news leaves, and as it does that, the old ones die.

If you don't like how the dry leaves look, you can pull them off gently and throw them away.  Only pull off the leaves that come off easily, or are totally dead.

Yours looks like it could be ever so slightly under watered which can sometimes cause more leaves to dry up on the bottom. You may consider increasing your watering frequency slightly.

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