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I am a complete beginner who would like to get on with succulents, but I am in a care home. Can I, dare I, start with a packet of mixed seed? If so, what sort of growing medium should I use? What should I plant in? I have 2 east-facing indoor windowsills, and can germinate them in a couple of Petri dishes. Do you think this would work? I am 77 without much else to care for.


Absolutely! Seeds are a really inexpensive way to start your collection, though it does take a little more work to get started.

This is such a fun project, especially in the winter! Planting seeds and watching them grow is rewarding, and anyone can do it. Jacki from Drought Smart Plants has a great tutorial for starting succulents from seed which you can find here.

If your seeds aren’t getting enough light, you may need a grow light. This will ensure that your seedlings are getting enough light and don’t stretch out too much. You will also want to make sure they are warm.

In the spring, move your plants to a pot with good drainage and well-draining soil. This will ensure that your succulent babies will continue to grow as healthy as they can!

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