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The biggest mistake people make with growing succulents is using the wrong soil…

The best way to stop killing your succulents it to use a soil specifically designed for their unique water needs.
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Soil is a commonly overlooked aspect of succulent care but, it’s also your secret weapon to having colorful, healthy succulents decorating your windowsill.

Many soils that claim to be “well draining” end up staying wet waaaaaay too long for succulents. Resulting in black, mushy stems and leaving you feeling discouraged that you’ve lost yet another succulent.

rotting succulent

It’s not your fault!

Most commercially prepared “succulent mixes” are just the same as regular potting soil with a little bit of perlite or bark added in. Basically, setting you up for a major struggle to give your succulents enough water without drowning them.

You need a high-quality mix that’s designed for succulents and not your water loving fern.

That’s why we created…

The Succulent Success Kit

Not only will you get (in the mail) one gallon of premium-succulent soil that would normally cost you $25…

but you’ll also get a 13 piece tool set (normally $10) so you can easily water your succulents with the perfect amount of water, remove dead leaves to help prevent rot, and blow off any stray dirt to keep those Pinterest-perfect leaves clean.

one gallon succulent soil + tools

And… bonus!

You’ll also get instant access to the Succulents for Beginners Workbook that will help you create the perfect care plan for your succulents based on where you live and how much you like (or don’t like) to water.

You can download and print the workbook immediately after ordering so by the time your soil and tools arrive you’ll know exactly how to water and care for your succulents.

All of this… one gallon of soil, 13 tools, and the printable workbook for

Just $19

(Shipping included)

Get the succulent success kit

Sure, you could find the tools yourself and run to a nearby Home Depot and buy a bag of soil…

But then you’ll end up with droopy, sad succulents in the next few weeks and end up spending more money (and oodles of time) replacing them all and re-potting.

Yes, you could search Google or YouTube for answers to your questions…

But many teachers out there only show you how to care for succulents in the ideal climate — not a window sill in Chicago that gets nearly frosted over in the winter.

Wouldn’t you rather start off with the right tools and techniques that will help your succulents thrive from day one?

Echeveria ‘Lola’ in Bonsai Jack’s gritty mix for succulents

You now know that soil plays a huuuuuge role in the success of your succulent garden. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Succulents for Beginners workbook (included in your Succulent Success Kit) will walk you through how to determine the best succulents for you. 

Because some succulents will not survive well where you live. 

Or at least they’ll be very difficult to keep alive.

The workbook will help you identify succulents that will be easy for you to maintain. 

This Sempervivum succulent will survive outdoors in snow and ice!

Get the succulent success kit

After you’ve determined which succulents will grow best for you, the workbook will guide you through selecting the perfect pot or planter and a soil mix (you’ll already have a gallon of the best soil mix for succulents).

From there, you’ll learn how to set a watering schedule for your succulents. Plus, it includes a watering calendar so you can easily keep track of when you watered last.

By going through the workbook you’ll have a basic plan of how to care for your specific succulents.

Get the succulent success kit
pachyveria powder puff

Pachyveria ‘Powder Puff’

And we haven’t even talked about the 13 piece tool kit yet…

This is one of my all time favorite things to recommend to new succulent growers.

Here’s just a sampling of how you might use these tools:

  • Water your leaf propagation babies
  • Measure out a specific amount of water to add to a non-draining pot
  • Easily add soil around the roots of your succulent
  • Add decorative rocks to add the finishing touch to your arrangements with the little brown scoop
  • Make a hole in the soil for adding a cutting to an arrangement
  • Remove bits of dirt and debris with the tweezers and brush
  • Spray isopropyl alcohol to eliminate unwanted pests

And a whole lot more.

The scoop and squeeze bottle in action

Grab the kit today to jump start your succulent success!
Get the succulent success kit