How Many Succulents Do I Have Now?

Before moving out of state and driving over 700 miles, I sold and gave away a lot of my succulents. I only kept enough to fill up the walnut plant stand my husband built for me. Here's a picture of it from about a year ago:

walnut plant stand with succulents and grow lights

I just finished setting up the plant stand this week and will share a current picture after the voting ends. It's not packed full, but it's mostly full with pots of various sizes.

Your other hint is this... I had 274 plants before giving some away (as counted by the Succulent Tracker App). That included plants outside, plants on this shelf, and succulents on two other plant stands (both a bit smaller than this).

The person who guesses the closest will win a $100 Snappy Pots gift card.

One guess per person, please 🙂

I'll announce the winner in a week!