This genus of succulents has a wide variety of varieties, many of which are easily recognizable and perfect for container gardens.

Details about Specific Crassula varieties

Click on an image below to learn more about that specific type of Crassula.

Crassula perforata “String of Buttons”2020-06-02T02:53:17-07:00
Crassula ovata ‘Hummel’s Sunset’ – Golden Jade2020-06-01T22:57:05-07:00
Crassula marnieriana “Worm Plant”2020-06-02T00:24:13-07:00
Crassula marginalis rubra variegata “Calico Kitten”2020-06-02T01:58:54-07:00
Crassula falcata “Propeller Plant”2020-06-02T17:48:49-07:00
Crassula capitella “Campfire Crassula”2019-10-23T19:38:17-07:00
Crassula arborescens undulatifolia “Ripple Jade”2020-06-02T03:46:08-07:00