Classic green succulents for arrangements and container gardens

Succulents come in so many colors and varieties. Keep reading to find a list of some of my favorite classic green succulents!

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Green succulents are always a classic, providing an excellent color base to build around. Plus, green varieties tend to tolerate lower light better than other succulents, making them a great addition to indoor gardens.

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Here are some of my favorite green succulents!

Aeonium canariense "Giant Velvet Rose"

This large shrub-like succulent has bright green rosettes that turn red in full sun. This succulent is monocarpic, meaning it will die after it flowers. When it does bloom, watch for yellow star-shaped flowers.

How to care for and propagate Aeonium canariense Giant Velvet RosePin

Gasteraloe 'Green Ice'

‘Green Ice’ is a slow-growing succulent with thick, flat variegated leaves. It’s perfect for beginning succulent growers, or those wanting an indoor garden. The leaves have gray spots and lines, with red and green tubular flowers.

How to care for and propagate Gasteraloe 'Green Ice'Pin

Crassula perforata "String of Buttons"

“String of Buttons” is a shrub succulent. It grows well indoors, and does well in terrariums. The triangle-shaped leaves grow opposite each other and spiral around the stem, causing it to look stacked. The gray-green leaves may have a pinkish tint to the edges if given enough light. Look for pale yellow flowers in the spring.

How to care for and propagate Crassula perforata String of ButtonsPin

Haworthiopsis reinwardtii

Haworthiopsis reinwardtii is a small clumping succulent. Its leaves are large at the bottom, then narrowing to a point as it curves upwards. The leaves spiral in a column, and have white bumps on the outside of the leaves.

How to care for and propagate Haworthiopsis reinwardtiiPin

Kalanchoe beharensis ‘Fang’

‘Fang’ is a tall succulent with velvety silver leaves. The margins and underside of each leaf are covered in small tubercles, or “fangs.” The edges of each leaf are bronze. If grown outdoors, ‘Fang’ has red-orange blossoms in the Spring. However, if growing inside, it’s rare to see flowers.

How to care for and propagate Kalanchoe beharensis 'Fang'Pin

Sedum reflexum “Blue Spruce Stonecrop”

This evergreen succulent has blue-green needle-shaped leaves. The leaves grow on stems, mimicking a Spruce tree. It is a fast grower, matting as it grows in the ground, or trailing down if grown in a container. Leaves turn pink in cold weather. Watch for yellow flowers in the summer.

How to care for and propagate Sedum reflexum Spruce Leaved StonecropPin

Sedum pachyphyllum “Jelly Beans”

This silver-green succulent has short, thick leaves and a woody stem. Once it begins to trail, this Sedum is great for ground cover. Watch for yellow flowers in the summer.

How to care for and propagate Sedum pachyphyllum Jelly BeansPin

I hope these succulents give you an idea of some fun succulents to use in your arrangements!