How I Got over 50 Succulents for $6!

Shopping for succulents is a lot of fun, especially when you get a good deal! Learn how to get the most for your money.

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I've bought a lot of succulents. A lot… probably way to many actually. But, I've learned a lot about buying succulents. Sometimes it's fun to just go find something new and sometimes I really want to get a good deal 🙂

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I shared some of my tips for buying succulents with you before, but I wanted to show you my latest find and help you find your own. Sometimes you'll find a great deal in an unexpected place. Recently I've been trying to convert my collection to cold hardy succulents. Since I live in an area with cold winters I figured it's probably a good idea to grow plants that will actually survive year round outdoors. The great thing is that I found and awesome place locally that sells Sempervivums and Sedums. I'll have some more photos to show you in upcoming posts too.

There's a nursery not to far from me that sells all kinds of beautiful plants. They also have a great selection of succulents from time to time. I've discovered that sometimes the best nurseries to find succulents for a good price are not always succulent nurseries. I found this gallon pot of succulents for just $6! I followed my own advice and tried to find a pot with the most hens and chicks. This one was so full! It took my sister (who has helped me with all kinds of projects, she's awesome!) about 30 minutes to get them all out of the pot and separated.

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Turned out to be this…

sempervivum succulent chicks separatedPin

We lost a few tiny chicks along the way, but in the end there were over 50 little chicks! I have a fun project planned for them and I'm excited to do more with these cold hardy succulents. Sempervivums are one of a kind when it comes to propagation. Most reproduce very quickly and, like this one I got, will have lots of of babies if you find them at the right time. Also, if you do buy semps right now you'll be able plant them up and propagate your own.

close up sempervivum chicksPin

So, now it's your turn! Find some local nurseries and do some hunting. See if you can find a giant pot full of succulents! Be sure to look them all over an pick out the container with as many plants as you can find and that are in good shape. You might be surprised what you'll find!