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I’ve decided to start a new little series on my blog. Introducing: Window Well Gardening 101. As some of you may know we are currently living in my parents basement. This means we don’t have a lot of space and our room is a little dark. I’ve been in love with succulents for quite some time. So I decided to buy some and at my mom’s suggestion have started growing them in a little garden in the window well to our room. It has turned out to be quite fun so I thought I would share with you what I’ve done!

Cleaning the Window Well

The first step was to clean out all the debris from the winter. My parents had cleaned out the well a little bit already but the wind and weather added more. So I grabbed some gloves and started scooping up the leaves and such. I did this from the inside (I set a garbage bag in the window well). While it was nice to not have to bend over I did end up getting some fluffy stuff inside. I just vacuumed it up when I was done. While I was cleaning out the debris I came across a lot of spiders. I’m not a fan of spiders so I got some spray and sprayed the entire well with spider spray. Once that was taken care of I was on to the next step!

Window washing! The window had quite a bit of hard water deposit build up. The best thing I know for that is Lime Away. A few sprays and no more build up!

Here is the window before and after:

I used Windex to follow up and get it a little cleaner. So it isn’t perfectly clean. At some point that may bother me enough to clean it better. But, I figure is going to keep getting dirty when it rains and when the sprinklers go off so for now it is clean enough. I found it is hard to see how clean it is from the outside but really easy from the inside. So you may have to keep going in and out (I really thought I had been very thorough, but alas it was still dirty).

After everything was cleaned up I put my potted plants down in the well! Here is what the well looks like so far. I have several improvements to make and I’ll share each of them with you!

8 Responses to Window Well Garden

  1. Oh Cassidy, I can’t believe my good fortune in finding you. This site is amazing – you are answering all my questions. I am a long time gardener, but a complete newbie with succulents. It is so wise and helpful of you to share your disappointments as well as your marvellous successess. I find myself longing for a beautiful window well like yours. Looking forward to more of your adventures. Lynda

  2. I LOVE your site and all your BEAUTIFUL succulent pis and advice. I fell in love wirh succulents when I first got my Jade plant and learned to propagate and grow more Jade plants from leaf cuttings. My question is…… can succulents grow in afternoon sunlight and also can they grow using an Aerogarden grow light? I have several indoor houseplants that suround the Aerogarden and they are growing nicely because of it. I was also given nine succulents cuttings in morning light but they’re growing leggy. I would appreciate some advice, thank you in advance. :)

    • Thank you for your comment! Succulents can grow in afternoon light you just have to be more careful about them getting too hot and getting sunburned. I haven’t used an Aeorgarden specifically, but I have used grow lights for my plants indoors. It’s hard to get enough light still, but the grow lights do help. The leggy-ness is from lack of light. The more you can give them the better (without burning them). I try to keep mine pretty close to a bright window with indirect light all day. Hopefully that helps!

  3. I have 2 window wells in my basement that get sun almost all day. I would like to use this space to start seeds. In order not to burn the plants or freeze them, I want to use white garden cloth under the top lid for protection, and use white styrofoam for insulation along the walls. Any ideas?

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