Where to buy succulents – Local and Online

Where to buy succulents – Local and Online

I’ve purchased quite a few new succulents lately so I thought I’d share some of my findings with you! Buying succulents can be a lot of fun, but depending on where you live it can be hard to find them.

Fortunately with their rising popularity I’m finding that many more nurseries are starting to carry them. If you are in California, or an area that is warm for the majority of the year, it should be pretty easy to find a nearby nursery that sells succulents. That said, I’ve also been amazed at how many places I’ve found to buy succulents here in Utah.

If you've wondered where you can find colorful succulents to buy, look no further!

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I’ve purchased succulent cuttings online from The Succulent SourceDaniel’s Specialty Nursery and from Succulent Gardens. The Succulent Source has high quality plants that are sure to live up to your standards. The group from Daniel’s Specialty Nursery had a wider variety of plants, which has its pros and cons. The cuttings from Succulent Gardens were a little smaller, but great for a wreath or living picture.

Succulent Cuttings from Daniel's Specialty Nursery - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine

I’ve also discovered a wealth of succulents online at Etsy.com of all places! There are several stores that have a great collection of plants. Some of my favorites include: The Succulent Source (great for wedding favorite and cuttings), The Succulent Garden (a wide variety of bare root plants), Altman Plants (good for more rare varieties), Succulent Beauties (a variety of sizes and shapes of succulents), and Succulent Babies (a variety of succulent species).

You can also buy arrangements online too! I highly recommend I Dream of Succulents and Vertical Flora.

Locally, I went to Cactus and Tropicals and found a great variety of plants. The prices weren’t bad, but I didn’t feel like they were an awesome deal either. I got this smaller guy for $2.95 and the amazing Echeveria Blue Curls for $12. I’d been looking for the Blue Curls for a while so I decided it was worth it since it was pretty large and healthy.

Growing Succulents eBook info

Echeveria Blue Curls - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine

I visited another nursery and found these pots of Echeveria Afterglow for just $5! I was so excited because they had a bunch of smaller offsets on them, plus the huge one in the center. This is by far the best deal I’ve found on large succulents. So, check our your local nurseries and see what you can find!

Echeveria Afterglow - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine

If your local nursery doesn’t carry succulents, you can also check Lowes and Home Depot. I’ve found a surprisingly good selection there and the prices aren’t too bad. Generally they cost about $3-4 for a small pot. I’ve heard people say these are generally dying or diseased, but the few I’ve purchased here have been great so far and they are going on a year now.

I would love to know where you all buy most of your succulents! Also, check out my post about what to look for when buying succulents!

Kalanchoe luciae - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine

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I get all of mine from Home Depot! They are $1.98 for the small ones, which usually have baby clusters if you break up the dirt. I have gone to get one and then stripped it of its leaves to propagate. I figure for two bucks, it won’t break the bank to experiment!

I have bought succulents and other plants at WalMart. If you get them soon after the truck brings them they don’t suffer from the ill-treatment of employees.

I went to home depot and my dark prince (forgot the long name) had a nasty spot on the trunk. I took cuttlings off and soon after every single leaf fell off. I saw tiny moving things and It was rotten to the core. The others I got are doing great. But it was hard to find him and I’m sad I couldnt save it.

Could you do a blog on how to tell if it’s sick?
Thanks again for all your info. It’s made my second cuttlings batch a real beauty.

I’m actually working on some “experiments” so I can actually show some sick plants. I do have some that got frost damage last week that I need to post. Those look pretty bad. I will definitely get something up though!

When you are in the LA area I suggest Hashimoto Nersury. Worth the trip to Santa Monica. They have an amazing selection. Across the street from them is The Jungle. They too have a really nice selection. Probably the best collections I’ve seen!

After seeing your website I considered ordering online from Daniels Specialty Nursery, until I realized how close it was to me! I went and toured the nursery, picked out succulents, and it was amazing! Feel free to check out the pictures from my blog if interested :) http://thesucculentbee.wordpress.com/


I buy mine from a local nursery in Manhattan Beach but I’ve also collected quite a few from Home Depot, Lowes and Trader Joes!

Great post, very helpful. Usually the big stores will have the basic selection. Gosucculents have the largest variety and they are very knowledgeable, but usually the quantity of one particular succulent is pretty low. I would like to invite you to look at our website, shopsucculents.com, as a new possible option for you and your readers. Your insight, ideas, and actually your posts would be very valuable to us. Please feel free to contact me directly at any time. Inspiring posts like this are what is driving this huge succulent trend. Thank you.

Thank you all for your online suggestions. I just love both Waterwise and Daniels nursery. Ready to place an order. I’ll keep you all posted

Hello, i’m new to gardening with succulents and my most important question now is how do I find out what zone each succulent will work best in. I live at 7200′ in NW Colorado, zone 3-4. Not sure where to find this information. Thank you

You can look up the names of succulents and their growing zones on Dave’s Garden. It’s been the best resource I’ve found. Most succulents won’t grow in those zones. You’ll want to look at Sempervivums and Sedums (although not all are frost tolerant).