Where to buy colorful succulents!

It can be hard to find those colorful succulents you see in so many photos online. This post will help you find those succulents you’re looking for! Find out where to buy succulents online.

I’ve purchased quite a few new succulents lately so I thought I’d share some of my findings with you! Buying succulents can be a lot of fun, but depending on where you live it can be hard to find them.

Fortunately with their rising popularity I’m finding that many more nurseries are starting to carry them. If you are in California, or an area that is warm for the majority of the year, it should be pretty easy to find a nearby nursery that sells succulents. That said, I’ve also been amazed at how many places I’ve found to buy succulents here in Utah.

If you've wondered where you can find colorful succulents to buy, look no further!
Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

My all time favorite place to buy succulents online is Mountain Crest Gardens. I may be a little biased because they sell a huge selection of cold hardy succulents and that’s the only thing I can grow year round outdoors. However, they also have a great selection of tender succulents as well.

My favorite thing from Mountain Crest is their wholesale succulents. Anyone can buy them and they are such a great price! If you don’t mind getting a mixed variety instead of specific plants you pick out, this is definitely the way to go.

You'll find a great selection of affordable, high quality succulents from Mountain Crest Gardens
Sempervivums and Sedums

I’ve purchased succulent cuttings online from The Succulent SourceDaniel’s Specialty Nursery and from Succulent Gardens. The Succulent Source has high quality plants that are sure to live up to your standards. The group from Daniel’s Specialty Nursery had a wider variety of plants. The cuttings from Succulent Gardens were a little smaller, but great for a wreath or living picture.

Succulent Cuttings from Daniel's Specialty Nursery - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine

I’ve also discovered a wealth of succulents online at Etsy.com of all places! There are several stores that have a great collection of plants. Some of my favorites include: The Succulent Source (great for wedding favorite and cuttings), The Succulent Garden (a wide variety of bare root plants), Altman Plants (good for more rare varieties), Succulent Beauties (a variety of sizes and shapes of succulents), and Succulent Babies (a variety of succulent species).

You can also buy arrangements online too! I highly recommend I Dream of Succulents and Vertical Flora.

Locally, I went to Cactus and Tropicals and found a great variety of plants. The prices weren’t bad, but I didn’t feel like they were an awesome deal either. I got this smaller guy for $2.95 and the amazing Echeveria Blue Curls for $12. I’d been looking for the Blue Curls for a while so I decided it was worth it since it was pretty large and healthy.

Echeveria Blue Curls - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine
Echeveria ‘Blue Curls’

I visited another nursery and found these pots of Echeveria Afterglow for just $5! I was so excited because they had a bunch of smaller offsets on them, plus the huge one in the center. This is by far the best deal I’ve found on large succulents. So, check our your local nurseries and see what you can find!

Echeveria Afterglow - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine
Echeveria ‘Afterglow’

If your local nursery doesn’t carry succulents, you can also check Lowes and Home Depot. I’ve found a surprisingly good selection there and the prices aren’t too bad. Generally they cost about $3-4 for a small pot. I’ve heard people say these are generally dying or diseased, but the few I’ve purchased here have been great so far and they are going on a year now.

I would love to know where you all buy most of your succulents! Also, check out my post about what to look for when buying succulents!

Kalanchoe luciae - Where to Buy Succulents Locally and Online - Succulents and Sunshine
Kalanchoe luciae

88 Responses to Where to buy colorful succulents!

  1. Good afternoon,

    I live in Port au Prince Haiti and would love to orders Succulents and Cactus
    Is there a way to ship them directly to Haiti ?
    Thank you
    Marie Laurence

    • It’s likely there are some places that will ship to Haiti, but I’m not sure of any specific shops. I’d recommend doing an online search for “succulents” and your area to see what you can find.

    • I’m not familiar with the area, but I’d recommend doing an online search for “Gainesville Succulents” and see what comes up.

    • The Saturday farmer’s market at Haile had a booth that sold some nice succulents and succulent arrangements. I bought a string of pearls succulent from them last year and they’ve been doing beautifully ever since!

  2. The Best Quality and Prices for Succulents in Orange County California is OC Succulents 3350 Warner Ave, Irvine Ca- check out their website. Love this place and service- wholesale too!

    • I can’t remember the specific names of the shops, but there are several in the flower district that carry succulents. I bought a few about 3 years ago and I’m guessing they are carrying more now that succulents are becoming more popular.

  3. Quisiera saber si solo dan información o venden suculentas por linea, para mandar a otro país, vivo en CR y quisiera comprar ejemplares ( plantas)que no he encontrado aquí, les felicito por su trabajo, publicaciones , buenas noches.

    • It can be difficult to find certain varieties outside the US and most places don’t ship internationally :( Hopefully with a little searching you’ll be able to find some that you’ve been looking for!

  4. Have you ever checked out Mountain Crest Gardens? They have a great selection and very helpful staff, ordering online or over the phone is super easy…

    • Funny you should ask… I just formed a partnership with them about a month ago and just took some new pictures to add to this post :)

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