Tips for Growing Succulents Anywhere

Succulents are a very popular plant with their gorgeous shapes and colors as well as their drought tolerant qualities, but not everywhere is the ideal place for them to grow. These tips will help you keep your succulents alive no matter where you live!

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Welcome! I’m glad you’re interested in growing succulents!

You’re here because you love succulents, but you’re not sure if you can grow them where you live.

I totally understand!

But, I’m convinced anyone can grow succulents, wherever they live, and I’m going to give you the guidelines you need to do just that.

As this blog has grown over the past few years I’ve begun to realize how many people want to grow succulents but don’t have the perfect growing conditions for them. This shouldn’t surprise me since I belong in that group of people! I’ve answered lots of emails from you with various questions about growing succulents.

My goal with this website is to help you grow succulents no matter where you live.

For some, growing succulents is a breeze. For others, it’s a daily struggle. This post will help you make growing succulents a breeze.

If you've struggled to grow succulents, this is the post for you! These aren't tips you've heard before!
Echeveria ‘Lime and Chili’

When people say that succulents are hard to kill, I cringe a little. Like all plants, you need to know how to care for succulents in order to keep them alive. Sure, they can be very forgiving and are often easy for people to keep alive, but in parts of the world (or in parts of your home) people have to fight to keep them alive.

The tips I share with you in this post will help you figure out what you need to do to make succulents work for you, and hopefully make them easy to care for!


If you take away one thing from this article, let it be this: don’t be afraid to experiment! So much of the information I share with you is based on research I’ve done and then backed up by my own experience. I’m always trying new things with my plants or trying out new plants. I realize that succulents can be expensive depending on where you live, but if you’re willing to be brave and experiment you’ll have much better success growing succulents.

Find out how you can be successful growing succulents no matter where you live
Agave ‘Blue Glow’

While succulents have the same basic needs, not every home or growing environment is the same. You need to adapt those guidelines based on where you live, how much natural light you have available, the pot and soil you are using. All of these factors contribute to the health of your succulent. What works for me here in Utah won’t necessarily work for someone in China. So take the basic guidelines for growing succulents and adjust them to where you live.

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84 Responses to Tips for Growing Succulents Anywhere

  1. My wife and I are just getting started with succulents and love them. I’m a graphic designer and I love the looks or designs they produce.

  2. Hi. Grow a lot of succulents. Share the love with my daughter who I envy. She never pampers her succulents. She buys soil from the 99 cent store. Seldom or never feeds them and yet they’re gorgeous. Here I am spending money with the right soil, food, reading, studying etc. and she does nothing and her garden is so, so gorgeous. I guess some of us are just gifted. Am a senior and she is quite young and does not even read anything about growing them. Just venting. She makes arrangements for me and I try to keep them alive. Oh well!!

    • Isn’t it crazy how that works? A lot has to do with the type of succulents and growing conditions, but some people seem to just get it too!

  3. Hi Cassidy, I’m trying to grow succulents in Costa Rica. The weather is hot and wet half the year and hot and dry the other half. I have lots of small pots ful of them but My dream is to make a raised succulent garden outside. Impossible, right? From what you’re saying it sounds like I should use volcanic pumice rocks as a base to raise it high above the soil level so it withstands the rainy season without rotting. Then what do I plant the aloes in?, should I mix some ground up pumice into a potting mix? Or use no potting mix at all? During the rainy season the soil saturates and never completely dries out. Amazingly some aloes like saponaria actually survive this although they look bedraggled afterwards. they recover through the dry season, then get beaten up again in the next rainy season. So, should I just stick with pure pumice? i would really appreciate any tips you could give me. Thanks! And congrats on the new baby girl! Cheers, Jan

    • That is a tricky situation :) I think using something like pumice as your only potting medium would work. You’ll end up needing to water quite a bit during the summer, but if you use the “soak and dry method” I think you can gradually space out your watering and strengthen the roots during the dry season.

  4. Hi, Thanks for all the great information! I’ve tried to grow succulents before at work, but they have all died. I’m not sure why, maybe lack of sunlight. I live in Southern California. Very hot and dry. I was given a Kalanchoe Tomentosa “Panda Plant” this spring. It’s doing great on my kitchen window sill. It gave me the courage to expand my collection. Any suggestions for this climate?

    • Honestly, most succulents do well outdoors in Southern California. If you’re growing indoors I’d recommend checking out this list. Otherwise, I’d say pick something you like, put it in bright shade and gradually move it out into full morning sun with afternoon shade. They should do quite well.

  5. Hi Cassidy! I have 3 potted succulents and they look great, I bought them from a greenhouse. I never really have watered them. My question is can I repot them in a terrace cotta pot and get better growth? I live in Zone 5, it’s been a really hot and humid summer, but what happens for winter? Don’t even know what they are, I think the more common succulents, although I’d love to get some of the beautoful colorful plants. What would do well for Ohio weather?

  6. What do the zones represent? I live in Australia in the temperate forest region with temperature usually from 18° – 35°C so im thinking closer to a 7 but i’m not sure.

    • If you’re usually 18 degrees above zero you’d be a zone 12, so all succulents will survive year round outdoors. If you’re 18 below zero though, you would be a zone 7 so I’d try to cover them with a frost cloth on some of the colder nights. You could also pull them inside for a few weeks.

  7. I’m starting to put together my own arrangements. But I was wondering if I had to keep like plants grouped together? Like ones that need the same kind of watering? You were talking about ones with thinner leaves vs more plumped leaves. Some need more water than others. So i wasn’t sure if I needed to be careful when selecting or just have fun and grab what I like? Thanks and look forward to making some arrangements.

  8. Hi I’m in Perth, Western Australia …our climate is 20- 45C in the Summer. I want to give a pot of succulents to a friend who will spend many months away from home, maybe even 4 months at a time. Will minature succulents survive outside without watering?

    Many thanks

    • Unless they get some rainfall, I’m guessing most succulents won’t do very well for that long without being watered, especially in the higher temperatures.

  9. I am a newby with succulents (3 mths.) I live in Arkansas and so far having good results because of all the tips and advice. Thankfully I have had success with propagating. I love and am thankful for all your advice and tips. Thank you.

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