Succulent Love

This past weekend my sister-in-law came to visit. She is also in love with succulents right now and came down to go to a class on them with me. She is also splitting the 100 succulent cuttings with me. The class we went to was part of the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club and was taught by Cynthia Bee. We went to some great classes, had some questions answered about our succulents and ate some great food. The highlight though was actually at the end of the night… while we didn’t win any of the big door prizes each of us got a can of succulents in the end! It was a little bit of a mad rush when Cynthia said anyone who wanted one could take one. Fortunately we were close to the door :) and knew just what we wanted. That totally made it worth the $10! (although it was already worth it anyway…)

Aren’t these cans amazing too? If you want to learn how to do them yourself just hop on over here! They look simple and easy so it should make for a fun project!

Let me just tell you this is going to be a week full of succulents (although that’s basically what the last few months have been… :))! I have some more things to show you in the next couple days so stay tuned!

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  1. I’m so glad you got one! The rush of ladies to grab a centerpiece was the highlight of the event for me! Lovely photos! I wish our photographer had thoguht to take photos of the food for the event but you know, guys just don’t seem to think about that stuff! Wish i’d known we’d have someone with your talents at the event!

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