Succulent Growth

It is interesting to see how differently the succulents grow. Some grow slowly and others quickly. Some I’ve hardly noticed them growing and all of the sudden they seem huge! This has been the most dramatic succulent growth I’ve seen though. I got this guy in the can of succulents from the Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club. I cut off the top and gave it to Anna so she could have a start of it. I figured it would take a month or so before I saw new growth (like others I had cut off) but within only 3 weeks there is really significant growth! I’m so impressed by it! If only all of them could grow that much that quickly :)Here is the “before”:

And the “after”:

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  1. That’s awesome! I am glad you’re succeeding so well with succulents. They really are addictive! Good to know it’s still growing great for you!

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