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Yesterday was like Christmas for me and here is the story… A few weeks ago I ordered 100 succulent cuttings to split with my sister-in-law. When I ordered I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right so I called the shop that sells them, Daniel’s Specialty Nursery at I talked to Daniel who was extremely nice and helpful. Turns out, they sell succulents to Disneyland. How cool is that! I asked a few questions and he answered all of them and then I went online to place my order. I mailed my check and the waiting began… On Monday I received an email saying my succulent cuttings had shipped and would arrive Wednesday. Let me tell you, it was a rough two days. I’m not a very patient person…

On Wednesday morning I went to work. My mom sent me a text when the box arrived and the anticipation continued. She had been feeling sick so I offered to make dinner for all of us. While I don’t regret that at all, it was a little difficult to look at the box and make dinner knowing what was inside. As soon as Kevin got home I quickly explained how to finish making dinner and then opened the box and started gently laying out and admiring all the beautiful cuttings. The variety I received is amazing! There are so many colors, shapes and textures. I will admit I had a hard time touching the fuzzy ones though. They remind me of tarantulas… But, they still look pretty cool!

As it turns out I got a bonus 6 cuttings! Even more exciting! Now I’m trying to figure out just what I am going to do with all of them. I’m thinking about doing a living wall with the frame I have in the window well. It’s amazing that 100 (well, 50 for me) cuttings doesn’t seem like a lot when you are putting them in something like a wall or a wreath. No wonder those are all so expensive to buy. Well, I’ll definitely keep you posted on what I do with these lovely succulent cuttings. Be assured, it will be something amazing :)

These are the fuzzy ones I didn’t want to touch :)

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  1. Your blog is so interesting! And I love the cuttings. They’re beautiful. I purchased several groups of cuttings online for my wedding, several died but most lived. They’re so fun! I’m also in the process of rooting succulent leaves like you did. I’ve lost several in the last few days but I won’t give up!! Yours look great!

  2. Hi Cassidy! Love the blog I was wondering how often you buy cuttings or whole plants. After this purchase did you just propagate the leaves or did you keep buying more. Or a little of both?

    • Originally when I started growing succulents my budget was pretty limited so I was mostly propagating. However, now I do buy cuttings rather frequently for projects. It’s faster than waiting for new plants to grow (although I still propagate because it’s so much fun!). I don’t buy too many whole plants anymore but if there is a certain variety I want I’ll generally buy a full plant.

  3. Hi There! I’m looking to order some succulent cuttings to DIY my wedding bouquet and centerpieces and I had found Daniel’s specialty nursery online. I’ve been trying to decide which 50 piece set (or sets) to order and I was curious which ones you ordered to get the diversity shown in your pictures. thanks!

    • I’m not sure there is actually a difference. From what I’ve experienced he just ships out a miscellaneous variety of succulents that are currently in the growing season. You may want to check with him for sure, but last I ordered it wasn’t the same variety as in the picture.

  4. Hi there fellow succulent lovers!!
    I’m new to Succulants- only 1 week now ever owning any and I’m IN LOVE ALREADY♡
    Well I too have 100 succulant cuttings. And I don’t know how to care for them.
    I’ve done my homework and research and have the proper soil for them. I made the soil very slightly moist then I potted each one up into 2 inch separate pots. It’s only been 5 days now since potting them and a lot of them have leaves turning very soft and then they fall off. My soil I bought is cactus soil. So I know out dries out quickly, I can see that.
    I don’t get why only 1 type of the multi of different ones I got is doing this.
    How did you Cassidy or anyone else care/plant/water they’re unrooted succulent cuttings?
    Please help me as is sooooo sad too see these babies dying. Not to Say the $$ in losing too in them.
    Thanks everyone!

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