How to Paint Terracotta Pots for Succulents

I’ve been wanting to do another project with succulents, but couldn’t come up with anything that sounded exciting. I’ve had a few people ask me about how I painted some pots I did for a pop up sale during the summer. I was thinking it might also be fun to give away some succulents for Valentine’s Day gifts. So I decided to do a little tutorial on how to paint flower pots! 

I’ve done succulents for a few event now and I really wish I could find terra cotta planters for a wholesale price. Alas, the cheapest place I’ve found them is at Hobby Lobby. So, if you are looking to do any crafts with terra cotta pots, I’d recommend checking there first. They have a pretty good selection and the prices are the lowest I’ve seen, especially if you use a coupon. For the paint, I used some sample paints that I picked up at Lowes. The size was perfect for dipping the miniature plant pots in and they were a good price! You could also use your standard craft paint for this project.

Honestly, painting these little flower pots is rather simple, but I did learn a few tricks after painting almost 100 of them. I love the looked of dipped pots but it was trickier than I thought to make them look good dipped. So, if you like the hand dipped look, read on to find out how I did it!

Start by cleaning off the pot. I just used a dry rag to wipe off any dust or particles. Next, you’ll dip the pot in the paint container until you get the desired height of paint. You can also dip at an angle for a little variety. Slowly pull the pot out of the paint.

Hand Dipped Pot Tutorial - Succulents and Sunshine

Next is the part that made all the difference for me: use a foam brush to wipe off any excess paint. If you just dip the pot and let it dry, the paint will run and bubble because it is so thick. Using the brush, I slowly wiped off paint all around the pot. It was easy to follow the dip line and this also helped fill in any holes from bubbles that had already formed.

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Turn the pot upside down and wait for it to dry. Once dry, fill it with succulents (or any other type of plant you’d like). You can also do the same thing to dip the top of the pot. I have to say, this was a lot of fun to do. I liked that it didn’t really make a mess and I didn’t have to worry about painting a straight line. The paint does a pretty good job by itself and if it’s not perfectly straight it still looks great because it looks dipped!

Hand Painted Terracotta Pots for Succulent Plants - Succulents and Sunshine

So, if you’re looking for a great gift, or just want a fun project for yourself, give this a try! These make great little indoor pots for succulents. If you want more tips on how to grow succulents indoors, check out my indoor succulent growing guide!

6 Responses to How to Paint Terracotta Pots for Succulents

  1. Those are so cute! Do you waterproof the pots before painting them? I like painting my own, too, but I’ve found that the paint will bubble unless you use some sort of sealant. Sometimes it works great, sometimes it doesn’t.

    • I haven’t added a sealant. I did encounter some bubbling the first time I tried but I found that if I let the pots dry for a couple days before planting and watering they were just fine. It could also depend on the kind of pain you are using. The sample paints I used were a satin finish house paint from Valspar. I’m not sure if it’s more breathable than regular craft paints, but after a few days of drying it has held up really well.

  2. Cool. Maybe I’ll do a little more experimenting. It may be that I paint my entire pot, instead of just part of it – maybe that’s one reason why mine bubbles and yours doesn’t. Thanks for responding!

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