How to Water Succulent Plants

Have you ever wondered how much to water succulents? This post will teach you how to properly water succulents to keep them looking great!

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Watering succulents seems to be one of the trickiest parts of growing succulents.

Every person I know who grows succulents, myself included, has struggled with watering at some point, so you’re not alone!

I’ve killed dozens of plants from both over watering and under watering. Once I figured out the right system though, I’ve been able to keep my succulents so much healthier!

I want to make sure you can do the same.

With the tips and tricks in this post, you’ll be able to figure out the perfect watering schedule for your own plants.

You’ll be so thrilled with how great your succulents look! You’ll want to show off your amazing plants to everyone you know.

You’ll be able to relax, knowing you’re equipped with the information you need to keep your plants happy!

Find out the best way to water succulents indoors and out!
Kalanchoe luciae, Euphorbia tirucalli ‘Sticks on Fire’, Aloe arborescens, Graptosedum ‘Vera Higgins’, Crassula argentea ‘Crosby’s Compact’

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Before I get to the system I use, I want to tell you a couple common problems people run into when they first start growing succulents. If you can overcome these problems you’ll be way ahead of the game when it comes to preventing watering problems!

Click next to see the 3 common problems people encounter with growing succulents and how to avoid them!


Don't let your succulents die because you don't know how to properly water them!

229 Responses to How to Water Succulent Plants

    • I don’t recommend using an ice cube as the freezing water can damage the succulents. Check out this video for how to water in a pot without drainage. Then follow the method above, watering whenever the soil is dry.

  1. I would like to put succulents in my fire pit but we live in Arizona where we get terenchel monsoons inthe summer are there succulents that like more water?

    • Portulacaria afra can handle more water since it’s leaves are thinner. Crassula ovata does ok with more water. For the most part though they don’t like to sit in water. I’d recommend making sure you have a way to let the water drain out and use a really well draining soil.

  2. Is it possible that having my succulents indoor can be over watered by simply having too much moisture in the room? I find that my succulents are having signs of over watering when I haven’t even touched them since I bought them.

  3. Hello! I have a echeveria derenbergii and the bottom leaves are yellowing like it’s been over-watered, but I haven’t watered it in over a week. What is happening to my plant and how do I save it?

    • It’s possible once a week is too much water still, but it could also be the soil isn’t drying out quickly enough. Let it dry out for a few more days between watering. Check out this post for more info on soil and this post for more info on how to rescue an over or under watered succulent.

  4. Hello. I bought a rectangular soiled that had Echeverias (Crassula Ovata) in it, but not grown. First off, How do I know if it’s a thick or thin Echeveria? Since thick and thin leaves have different water amounts. Second, Theres so many I can’t touch the soil easily, so I might not know if it’s all dry or wet. How can I tell if its all dry and wet? Thank you.

  5. Hi! I live in Georgia where it’s hot AND humid. So this is info is very helpful for me as I want to start growing some outdoors. A lot of your info has been very helpful actually.

    But I have one question. How do I know if a succulent is wilting/not getting enough. And how cold is too cold to be outside?

    • The leaves are a good indicator of whether your succulent is getting too much or not enough. This post has photos of both over and under watered succulents, which should help. Generally though, not enough water and the leaves will feel limp and soft. Too much water will cause them to look more transluscent and yellow. They’ll also be more juicy and feel like they are going to burst if gently squeezed. Just right and they will be firm and a natural color.

  6. I bought the Bonzai mix 111 but when I transplanted my plants the taller ones (3+ inches) will not stay upright. Should I use a dirt base and then add the 111 mix? Or, is it okay to “mound” the 111 mix high around the base of the plant? Not sure what to do.

    Thank you,
    Tom Beames

    • You can definitely mound the soil around the base. I also press down on the soil to help it stay in place a little better. If you need to, you can also prop the plant up by placing a skewer next to it for a few days/weeks until the roots are a little more developed.

      • Thank you. My first attempt at succulents failed miserably. The new 111 mix so far is working beautifully. I look forward to developing my new hobby.


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