The “Final” Window Well Garden

Here are some photos of my “final” window well garden. It isn’t really finished though… I just found out that I can get some pallets from my work so I’m thinking I’m going to add a pallet to the back of the well. Not totally sure yet… but I do really like pallets. I was thinking about ways to use them and thought it would make a great vertical garden. Then I got on pinterest and saw the same idea! Maybe I had seen it before and it was in my sub-conscience, but it seems like that keeps happening to me. I think of an idea and then a few days or weeks later I see it on pinterest. Weird!

I’m curious to know what you think about the overall look of the garden! I really should clean the windows better so it is easier to see in. I’ll work on that. : )

Aren’t these pink succulents awesome? I’ve been stopping at every nursery around town to see if they have any unique succulents. While gardening season has increased the variety they are all still similar. Except this one! I don’t know what it is (I hate that the container just says succulent!!!) but I absolutely love it! The pink is just as bright as you see it, no enhancement needed. I’m hoping I can get this one to propagate so I can have a bunch!

If you noticed in the picture of the whole window well garden there is a sort of ceiling above everything. I’ll hopefully be posting about that soon, I need to get situated just right first. Still some kinks to work out.

2 Responses to The “Final” Window Well Garden

  1. This is so fabulous! Did you build walls instead of the doggy fence in your previous posts? Your garden is wonderful and I am super jealous! I just moved into a new apartment in a different state so I am experimenting with figuring out how to keep my plants warm. It’s considerable cooler here then where I used to live and though I try to put things in terrariums, I don’t get enough direct sun for them to get warm. Oh, and you should know that your little egg holder with egg shell plants is so cute! I’ve already commented on your blog but I have gone through your blog just about everyday since I found it. Love it!

    • Thank you so much for your nice comment! You can see the “roof” a little bit better in this post (the second to last photo especially). The walls of the window well were already cinder block but I just added the wire covered with clear plastic to protect it from too much water and to attempt to insulate it. I’m not sure if it will work extremely well but it’s done the trick so far! Thanks again for stopping by; I’m glad you liked the blog enough to stay a while!

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